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Aug 18, 2008 @ 14:04:28

Re: stfu n00b

you are an angry bald old man, you need a lawn and a stick to shake at passerbys.

Jul 26, 2007 @ 10:51:41

Re: "news" ... in quotes

The 4/11 months is unpossible. People that work at my company get heckled all the time. We fly with tools and electronics all the time for work, some of which don't really look so innocent.

Jun 19, 2007 @ 08:54:07

Re: why wouldn't it be

*clap* horray posts

Jun 15, 2007 @ 13:41:42

Re: with apologies to bill murray

Post to your blog or I will find you and wax your asshole with duct tape.

Nov 2, 2006 @ 13:28:36

Re: the knock at my door

So..if the pork knew where these guys were, I mean really had the addresses of 11,000 people stored up, why the fuck did they wait that long? "Eh, well, you know, I don't really feel like catching bad guys today, lets just eat donuts and butt-fuck each other instead, we can go catching guys later"


Jul 19, 2006 @ 07:56:56

Re: boobonic plague

Maybe he thinks you have lupus?

Jul 9, 2006 @ 09:07:02

Re: what's better?

football helmets + airguitar != amazing

May 24, 2006 @ 18:20:51

Re: hobbit spam

huh, I've been getting pieces of shakespearian plays for a few weeks now. Full of images of a penis enlargement nature, obviously.

Mar 30, 2006 @ 06:48:38

Re: evil pod people

Decidedly not. A lifetime of having his name mis-spelled finally led to the breaking moment for poor Nikos. I hear that upon reading yoru blog he smeared himself down with butter, grabbed a dull kitchen knife, and ran off into the darkness to search for you on quiet secluded university walkways.

Feb 3, 2006 @ 07:25:27

Re: t.i.a. t 'n a

Thanks a lot Zach, they just finally convinced me to take off my foil helmet-

Nov 22, 2005 @ 07:07:10

Re: no fucking way

Were you just not carrying a burrito at the time or what......

Nov 15, 2005 @ 12:18:41

Re: shroud of turin's origin revealed

Amazing, all blurry humanesque images look sort of alike....

Nov 15, 2005 @ 12:12:15

Re: i'm smart, your not

high quality funny

Nov 4, 2005 @ 09:06:21

Re: you can't win

That right there is some high quality funny

Aug 8, 2005 @ 14:26:44

Re: castigative couch and the k

how the fuck did that happen? back button?

Aug 8, 2005 @ 13:16:54

Re: castigative couch and the k

I DEMAND a blog entry search feature. Nothing fancy mind you, like '%text%' will do just fine.

Aug 8, 2005 @ 13:04:25

Re: castigative couch and the k

I DEMAND a blog entry search feature. Nothing fancy mind you, like '%text%' will do just fine.

Jul 29, 2005 @ 14:19:44

Re: now doesn't it make you feel better?

the rats went way easier once i threw some ketchup on that blade you gave me and got to swingin. I had some stupid crappy thing before that, way crappier than a dripping meat sword anyway. Where did you find the ass-hat? Nah though, i'm pretty well set now, I'm outta meat but thats just cause I bought me a hammer.

40 turns is too few, I'm thinking a solid 60 would be more appropriate-

Jul 28, 2005 @ 12:44:24

Re: now doesn't it make you feel better?

74.33? I'm in KOL now too for the record. indifferenceMan, got my ass handed to me today by drunken rats.

Jun 12, 2005 @ 19:14:44

Re: done [been] drinking

Fifteenth you say. As that is the birthday of the becca, any plans for that date must include her as a primary factor. Other than that restriction i'd be down with the fifteenth. Is that when you're heading back home from chicago?

Jun 10, 2005 @ 13:19:14

Re: done [been] drinking

heh heh - so when are we gonna bathe in the sauce? I'm out of school and unemployed, every day is as good as the next.....

May 21, 2005 @ 22:26:26

Re: pimps plotted

Wow, almost as good as neon 'hooker' signs. I assume you can get this site to tell you where the weed is at as well. Ah, the wonders of technology.

May 11, 2005 @ 08:15:01

Re: the mood of food

I still haven't tried durian, you?

May 2, 2005 @ 07:41:07

Re: completely recockulous

you need to lighten up zach. I dream shit that happens all the time too. I suspect that you, like me, also dream a lot of shit that doesn't happen. It freaks me out sometimes too, but when i realize there is no good way to tell the acurate ones from the inaccurate, well then i'm really just right back where i started.

Apr 28, 2005 @ 17:35:23

Re: so don't try

i just noticed i haven't posted in a while. Boobies.

Apr 7, 2005 @ 15:44:14

Re: everyone's favourite amanuensis

Hate to break it to you, but that wasn't a woman. It was a man, sitting in his bedroom, listening to porno at full volume. Maybe he likes it that way, or maybe he's a little hard of hearing these days. But it doesn't matter, it was still porno.

Mar 31, 2005 @ 09:07:30

Re: pestiferous programming

Probably because you're like the only fucking person ever who's had to do what you're talking about. Just a guess, I could be wrong.

Mar 31, 2005 @ 09:01:25

Re: honestly officer

my 3rd round produced 69 meters, but my first two produced about 5

Mar 30, 2005 @ 14:27:23

Re: hope is restored

Yeah, you're right, this one is better. It sort of reminds me of some of the stuff he helped 12 rounds do. The iToons file seemed super fucking low volume to me though, I had to resample it into mp3 to hear it properly on my headphones at work.

Mar 23, 2005 @ 13:01:07

Re: i'll swallow your soul

I think people are funny. Most people know the names of people, like polititians sometimes, mostly musicians and actors. Am I alone in not giving a shit? I have no fucking clue who bruce campbell is, i don't want to know, i don't care. How is that one comes to memorize all these people?

Mar 22, 2005 @ 10:01:26

Re: beer blogging

Mmmm, it says 16 oz cans, not 16 oz of beer-

Mar 22, 2005 @ 09:59:04

Re: idealist's idea implemented

That's it hippy - im digging out the mace and riot gear, free speech my ass.

Mar 6, 2005 @ 08:06:00

Re: following in faineant footsteps

Yes, I did, but safari seems to be highly compatable with anything that functions on opera and mozilla, at least that's been my experience.
I've basically given up on anything complicated. I use php functions to keep everything modular. Just little functions that output pieces of standard featureless html code. It might not be beautiful, but it keeps my web page easy to update and rendering properly.
Work is another matter however, css and asp all over, divs, positioning, nastiness. The portal we use is a little shoddy from a code perspective, can't argue with the results though.

Mar 6, 2005 @ 07:50:42

Re: new post

Something is looming, but I can't quite make it out
oh, for the record, it was good.

Mar 3, 2005 @ 20:15:23

Re: following in faineant footsteps

As far as web standards, I couldn't be convinced to care, if it renders properly on IE, Mozilla, Opera and Lynx the rest can suck my nads. Beyond that, basically the only thing I learned in web last semester is that different browsers render even the most facist dtd-strict much differently.
As far as god damn static fucking footers, I know that pain, assholes at fox made me deal with that shit. Luckily after a few minutes of regexp hacking I got something to recognize about 90% of them. Then I just browsed the pages till I found the ones that slipped through the cracks. It's just fucking stupid, why the hell would you write the same fucking piece of code over and over like a thousand times? Are these people just not lazy, are they really that worried about their continuing job security that they have to make every god damned step so painfully difficult?

Feb 24, 2005 @ 15:54:48

Re: voluble in valkenvania

Speaking of cars, I'm in the market for something I can purchase for around 1 case of beer. Shocks, doors, windows, and brakes are all unessential. The vehicle must have trustworthy seat-belts and move over 45 mph without the assistance of wind or hills.

Feb 21, 2005 @ 14:10:28

Re: what are these goddamn animals?

shit happens.

Feb 19, 2005 @ 18:27:31

Re: artichoke heart of darkness

just because you do something on purpose, and even if you do it well, does not protect you from my infinite supply of insulting banter

Feb 19, 2005 @ 18:18:22

Re: perspicacious pony points

I thought "now we're all fucked" was highly sufficient. But, whatever, the new way works too.

Feb 19, 2005 @ 18:16:15

Re: maybe i shouldn't have stopped

I have those thoughts ocasionally too, but mostly about my later not-so-innocent exploits leading to my eventual legal problems. But I've decided after some time that the legal system is wrong, pot being illegal is just not that great of an idea.

Feb 14, 2005 @ 16:55:37

Re: evince, wince

Mmmm, supplies....

Feb 14, 2005 @ 16:52:27

Re: artichoke heart of darkness

>cat post | gzip -f
zach found some mold

Feb 11, 2005 @ 19:13:13

Re: pigs, all lined up

I've got what he's got, I ripped it when his back was turned. halo 7 is a fresh disc, but reptilian is a straight out rethink of the concept of reptile from downward spiral, a remix for sure. Though I suppose you are right, it's not exactly a remix albumn.

Feb 11, 2005 @ 15:56:34

Re: two many guys

he must be that illegitamate child zach is always talking about.....

Feb 11, 2005 @ 15:46:11

Re: pigs, all lined up

i dunno about that, the remixes on halo 16 are some of my favorites, the where is everybody remix is especially good, and what about reptilian off of halo7, that shit is pure gold, and halo 6 brought us the happiness in slavery remix i love so much.....

Feb 10, 2005 @ 06:22:20

Re: cyber sex sillys

LOLOL, shit yeah, that's what i'm talking about....

Jan 20, 2005 @ 17:06:50

Re: round-the-clock retching

I agree, for some reason. It just doesn't make any sense though, 'you == lush' is most surely a question in all literal interpretations. Feels like shoddy reckoning.

Jan 20, 2005 @ 16:56:51

Re: sophistry does not impress me

ha, shit, i see now, n/m. +)-(15 15 ./{_}57 )\)\3 831)/(@ |}4)\)\ 80r3|}, 7)-(47'5 411.

Jan 20, 2005 @ 16:52:11

Re: i am alexander

my guess is years of social conditioning, beaten as children when they were late for school, boss makes them suck his cock AFTER he just fucked them in the ass when they show up late, that kind of thing. Then again maybe I'm just being pessemistic, I guess I might be willing to believe that some people actually enjoy their jobs and/or like to be on time a lot.

Jan 20, 2005 @ 09:19:24

Re: sophistry does not impress me

I think you should add a filter fixing all entries from 'not Christy' to be relabled as 'Christy'. Just to shake things up a little...

Jan 18, 2005 @ 12:10:56

Re: round-the-clock retching

somehow the comparator seems ok there, even though it doesn't really make any sense. I guess it's kind of making a bolder boolean statement. Like instead of saying "zach is a lush" it is saying "it is a publicly known fact that zach is a lush".

Jan 12, 2005 @ 15:06:11

Re: "you're killing me"

why are you quoting non-obscure web comics, why not quote spells and whistles or something only blonde weiners with glasses would read?

Jan 12, 2005 @ 10:04:57

Re: leprechaun's lust for liquor

Hmmm, 2000 seems like a safe estimate, I think it could be done for much less, but 2000 would be a good amount to have at one's disposal for the just in case scenarios involving things like rented cars, kegs, public drunkeness fines, etc.

I dunno about you, but it's gonna be a damn long time before I have 2000 dollars, much much longer till I have 2k I can afford to spend

Jan 12, 2005 @ 09:55:44

Re: more of an asshole really

You missed the meaning Pam, I wasn't calling you a dick. The first line clearly stated I hated you. No clarifications needed. The second line was for anyone who paused to realize the fact that I post here myself. So, I wasn't calling you a dick, just saying that I hate you.

Jan 11, 2005 @ 11:47:47

Re: leprechaun's lust for liquor

Tickets can be had betwixt Chicago and London for around 400, if lodging was outside London somewhere it would probably be a bit cheaper, could probably be done properly for around 1-1.2K per human.

Jan 11, 2005 @ 11:41:44

Re: leprechaun's lust for liquor

Your criticism may well be valid, however, guinness on tap in the british isles was not the drink I was describing, hence... I'll post a prompt correction as soon as you buy me a fresh guinness in the British pub of your choosing.

Jan 11, 2005 @ 11:27:01

Re: more of an asshole really

I hate everybody that posts here except xopl and sith33. That's right, I do, dick.

Jan 8, 2005 @ 14:45:51

Re: collecting karma

I owe sith33 a beer - well stated.

Jan 8, 2005 @ 14:44:21

Re: two many jobs

this is not the xopl we know and love, write the damn converter, plug your rich text through it, polish the html by hand, and spend the additional four hours of your shift browsing the web.....or you could just be a douche bag and use word to do it all for you......

Jan 3, 2005 @ 12:26:48

Re: math so massive it's meaningless


you stripped my link - dick

Jan 3, 2005 @ 12:25:35

Re: math so massive it's meaningless

the figures I see everwhere say 350, not 35, also sounds likely much more will be sent, but likely sure isn't surely link

Jan 2, 2005 @ 21:01:56

Re: math so massive it's meaningless


Dec 21, 2004 @ 15:18:15

Re: frosty the cocaine "snow" man

You just wish you could afford that much cocaine. Or, wait, no, that's me.

Dec 18, 2004 @ 03:53:04

Re: proper poem production

{I would have at first maybe "The Raven"}
I dunno xopl, your english wasn't looking so hot in that one, think you might be missing a word or two.

So I says to my car, I says, "look you piece of shit, if you don't take me to the fucking video store I'm going to fucking pummel you into sand"

The vehicle replied, "of course, soft human".

He then promptly drove me to the porno store. Upon arriving I could be heard scolding my vehicle's overly literal translation.

W really is a useless letter isn't it?

Dec 17, 2004 @ 12:38:19

Re: too tired to title

your site needs more boobs. here, let me help..

(.)(.) [boobs] |./\.| [moobs]

Dec 16, 2004 @ 08:04:38

Re: another day, another job

I would never talk about graphical design, i know nothing about what looks good. I was just talking about code design, but we already had that conversation last night, didn't we

Dec 15, 2004 @ 13:29:53

Re: another day, another job

I agree with the idiot, your page design is troubling at best. Nice and secure though ;-)

Dec 6, 2004 @ 17:00:11

Re: eavesdropping a deuce

funny, i don't know any spanish at all besides what you just said...

Dec 1, 2004 @ 22:27:28

Re: crack-cocaine in the windshield of life

i'd like you to hire me as the official marijuana smoke filter. I can filter 2 blunts per hour from harmful marijuana smoke to pleasant potpourri...

Dec 1, 2004 @ 22:22:31

Re: inappropriate hypothetical questions

i've answered this question a damn many time. it's lemon, lemon is sort of sweet but not quite. it's also just every so slightly disgusting, in the words of a wise man i know "you can't lust for something unless you're at least slightly disgusted by it". tootsie pops don't fucking count, you're always looking for something soft after you suck for a while aren't you. give it up, the question was dum-dums bitch.

Dec 1, 2004 @ 22:16:48

Re: sustained seasonal sounds

you guys are lost. as a wisconsin inhabitant i'm here to set you straight. wisconsin DID cut education before the dnr. the dnr is the mob, ask anyone who's ever lived in, or tried to live in a 'wet land' which probably makes up roughly 10% of wisconsin, or maybe i just think that cause i live in a fucking shit pool swamp, whatever, fuck you guys.

Nov 23, 2004 @ 09:14:29

Re: semi-famous sassafrassing

i'm gonna fucking run you down with my car, i know where you live, i've seen where you sleep, and i keep a loaded shotgun in the trunk of my car