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<< May 28, 2006 @ 14:56 >>

My friend Jon got married yesterday, and I was an usher. Friday was the rehearsal, and afterwards the best man and three of the ushers went out with Jon to a couple bars and then came home to our mini keg and watched the movie Wet Hot American Summer for like 30 minutes before we all fell asleep.

We woke up in the morning, showered, and tried to go get shaved at a barber, but they said they didn't do shaves anymore. Jon thought that was a load of crap because he had just asked them a few days ago. So, with no shaves to be had, we got some breakfast, and then arrived back at Jon's house to shave already with no time left before we're supposed to be at the church.

We got to the church a little bit after the 10:30 were were supposed to be there. And I'm trying to remember... but the service wasn't until 3 or 4. We were wearing black tuxes with vests, and the church didn't have AC. It was one of the hottest days of the year. Awesome! Our ushering was most excellent.

The reception afterwards involved much of the eating and the drinking and the dancing. Ian managed to pull off a very good best man's speech. I bought a dozen shots for a big crowd, mostly for the hot single ladies. Let me hear a hell yeah.

I think the funniest moment may have been when the wedding party was on the dance floor getting low to that Skeet Skeet Skeet song and none of the adults knew what was going on. There was just like a room full of people looking at us.

I have a pink inflatable guitar on my floor right now.

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Reader Comments...

May 29, 2006 @ 00:09:27

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

You fucked a plastic guitar during the bachelor's party?

Oh. Oh, wait, no, that's not it at all.

May 29, 2006 @ 13:17:33

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

Better than fucking a bookshelf... did I mention I saw the Squid and the Whale?


May 29, 2006 @ 18:33:17

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

I liked the Squid&Whale. That's what it's like in real life, Zach. REAL LIFE

May 29, 2006 @ 19:03:48

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

When are you coming to Minneapolis so we can have ourselves some real life?

May 29, 2006 @ 22:31:55

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

I loved the Squid and the Whale. I don't know if it was like real life, but it felt like home.

May 30, 2006 @ 09:05:06

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

July 15!

May 30, 2006 @ 09:15:01

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

That's not going to work for me. I'll be in WI with my bruvva.

May 30, 2006 @ 09:18:13

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

dammit. Well, how about July 8, or July 22? The 22nd would be better for me. I can't travel in June b/c I have rehearsal every weekend.

May 30, 2006 @ 09:34:50

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

I'm pretty sure the 22nd should be just fine.

May 30, 2006 @ 09:39:58

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

It's on my calendar!

June 1, 2006 @ 16:53:14

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

I found a project and thought of you

June 1, 2006 @ 20:03:02

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

I want that!

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