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emily? elissa? emilissa!

<< Oct 7, 2005 @ 20:30 >>

Going back in my blogging to last week... I had one particularily crazy day. So I'm on the ground level hitting up the ATM, right? (Right.) Well, the u-card office (Take THAT you UCard® slime! muwuhahhahahah) is on the way to the ATM, and as I was walking by I saw this blonde girl sitting in there that looks an awful lot like Elissa Mahlik from my highschool. Now, Elissa went to college in Madison, WI with her fraternal twin Emily, and I haven't seen either of them since high school, so I was a bit confused. I wrote it off as being her dopleganger. I got my cash out of the ATM and then again walked past the u-card office (HA! Twice now!) on my way back to my office. I tried to get a better look at this Elissa clone, and I was shocked to see that she still looked exactly like her.

When I got back to my desk I told my minion Jesse, "I'm pretty sure this girl from my highschool works at the UCard office downstairs. Her name is Emily Mahlik, so I'm just going to look her up on OneStop [our school's directory], and if she's in there I'm gonna go back down and say hello." Now, the problem was I didn't search for just "Mahlik," and I had mistakenly switched their names in my head, so my search for "Emily Mahlik" didn't turn up anything. I was a bit confused by this, because I was so sure it was her. I started to tell Jesse more about her, and how she had a twin sister named– OH SHIT! Elissa Mahlik. I realised my mistake mid-sentence and looked up Elissa Mahlik and sure enough, there she was. Baffled by what she was doing at my university, but figuring she was probably a grad student, I ran back downstairs and walked into the u-card office (The trifecta!) announcing, "Elissa Mahlik!!" She looked a bit confused, so I was like, "Don't you recognise me?" I've known both the Mahlik girls since well before my high school days. Without changing the confused expression on her face, she stated my name. "Zach." Not "Zach?" mind you. Not a questioning inflection, but there still wasn't really recognition in her face.

Anyway, long story short she's in grad school for city planning. Her undergrad was in interior design. She moved to Uptown near the lakes with her boyfriend from UW who grow up in the metro area. She asked if I was bleaching my hair or something, because she didn't remember me being so blond myself. I had bad facial hair and short, redder hair in high school. This is probably where the slow recognition roots from.

On an unrelated note, on my way back to the office after catching up with Elissa I saw these two suits standing waiting for an elevator. One of the two elevators displayed that it was sitting on our floor, but they hadn't bothered to press the second set of buttons to call open the doors. I noticed this the entire walk over, and when I got to these two guys I walked past them, pressed the button, and stepped into the waiting elevator as the doors opened. They both kind of looked at eachother and then got aboard saying, "This guy here is a smart one." The whole ride up to the 4th floor which is the Campus Club, a semi-private club for professor types, these two suits are still making fun of their stupidity and calling me smart. Right as they stepped off the elevator, I say to them, "Don't let your college career get in the way of your education. Mark Twain."

"You're the insult master!"

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October 7, 2005 @ 21:14:31

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

One of the Mahlik twins?? That's kuh-raazy!

October 8, 2005 @ 15:29:25

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

If I saw a Petzold in Minneapolis, that would be kuh-raazy!

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