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<< Oct 7, 2005 @ 20:57 >>

I saw the Fiery Furnaces again last night at the Fine Line downtown. A very good show, but probably a bit more ordinary than the last time I saw them. I had a Johnny Jump Up at home before the show, which is a hard cider with some Irish Whiskey (Jameson of course) dropped in. It really didn't taste like anything. I mean, it was pretty much tasteless. I'm not saying that you couldn't taste the booze– well, it is true that you can't taste the booze, but what I'm trying to say is that it tastes like water. I think the Woodpecker Cider was the problem. I kept adding Jameson until it tasted at least like something. I thought it was going to taste more like a Whiskey Highball, because ginger ale seems related to hard cider in my mind. And I was excited that, unlike ginger ale, the hard cider already has some booze in it. The Whiskey Highball is definitely more enjoyable, though. I will say this for the Johnny Jump Up: goes down a little too easy, and definitely packs a punch.

Ok, back to the show. After the opening act – can't recall their name, but their singer had awesome medusa hair – I got a beer. I decided I wanted a Summit Octoberfest, so I ordered a "Rocktoberfest" from the bartender:

"Did you say 'Rocktoberfest?'"

"No! I would never use such a horrible pun... ok, maybe I said that."

"You know what, I'm giving you 75 cents off. Just for being you."


Trent (good name!) from work showed up a bit later. He says over my shoulder, "Sarah, you should meet Zach," and I turn around to be very surprised to see a girl I know. It turns out this girl was in my two day supervisor's training program. (No, not Sarah Sandusky.) Pretty weird.

"Call on in to work quick, tell 'em that I'm seeeeeea SICK!"

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