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<< Jan 23, 2005 @ 03:09 >>

A first for Xopl.com, Christy is guest authoring this entry on request:

Dear Xopl.com readers,

Today was fun, if a little unplanned (aka spontaneous). Or at least, it didn't work out as planned. The original plan was to go tubing at 11am with Ben, my former roommate. Ben called me at 1pm and said that he was running late. He called back at 3pm and by then Zach and I were watching An American Werewolf in London, which is an amazing movie, by the way. My favorite part was when they were in Piccadilly Circus. "Um, hello? No, I think you have the wrong number!"

Then, I made him dinner (grilled cheese and tomato soup, the best tomato soup there is, which is Progresso Tomato and Rotini soup) and we headed back for a night of beers and sleds.

There was drinking and making fun of people that I don't really know that well, and then we drove around Minneapolis looking for a hill. Apparently, those are hard to come by in the Midwest. Who knew??

We finally found a hill that was across the street from this house where there was a dinner party going on. Despite our best attempts, they refused to wave back. I think I sprained my ankle going down the hill, and there was definitely some hypothermia going around. All in all, I declare the night a success.

Upon arrival at Zach's flat, we drank tea and ate taquitos and laughed at Jonathan Brandis' girly face. Excellent. Hope your night was just as awesome, if less snow-abundant.



Reader Comments...

January 23, 2005 @ 03:26:26

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

Wow, Zach, that's one amazing writer. You should probably hire that girl, or something.

January 23, 2005 @ 03:28:40

marilyn.pngsith33 (#999)

Zach does not live in a flat. Euro-trash girl.

All in all this sounds like a good evening. I rented 8 dvds, all of which are one-night rentals. The movie rental guy looked at me awful funny. Apparently he doesn't have a mac...

Oh, and there was a work-party. It was very stiff. The work parties when the coworkers are like 40-50 are very different from the ones where the coworkers are 18-24. Who woulda thunk.

By the way, Christy love, I think you should get your own blog. That way we can compare and contrast your account of your time with zach against his own ever so insightful entries.

Make zach buy you a domain if you don't already have one. And if he says he can't host it, tell him that real men have their own servers...

January 23, 2005 @ 11:22:02

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

I don't think I actually sprained my ankle. I just share Zach's penchant for exaggeration

January 23, 2005 @ 15:18:19

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

I would never exaggerate a story. Everything is 100% absolutely true.

January 23, 2005 @ 15:19:48

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

Apparently, I should have pointed out that I've never used capital letters in my titles to Christy. That is the one edit I'm going to make.

January 23, 2005 @ 15:49:48

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

I would also like the record to show that we had tea because we were cold and already drunk.

January 23, 2005 @ 16:38:12

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

Hmm... I did notice a lack of capital lettered titles, but didn't realize it was a hard, fast rule.

January 23, 2005 @ 16:43:09

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

And don't you call me Euro-trash, sith33! I know where you live!

January 23, 2005 @ 16:47:55

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

And, it's weird that you call me Christy love. My old boss used to do that. I guess there was some show from the seventies with a detective or something named Christy Love.

January 23, 2005 @ 18:52:06

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

Duh, *Christie Love*! She's one bad mamma jamma!

"You under arrest, sugah!"

January 23, 2005 @ 19:01:52

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

pamelaNeko, you are my hero.

I am so happy to have been nicknamed after a woman who is one bad mamma jamma!

July 26, 2005 @ 11:36:24

broccoli.pngnot Jason (guest)

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July 26, 2005 @ 14:56:51

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

Best. Comment. Ever.

July 26, 2005 @ 17:36:50

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

WOW! My first comment spam ever!

Why their bot picked this entry, who knows!

Let's hope more bots don't follow... or they will ruin anonymous posting for everyone.

July 26, 2005 @ 20:56:01

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

Oh, you're no fun. Clearly Jason picked this entry because it was xopl.com's best.

July 27, 2005 @ 15:29:07

marilyn.pngsith33 (#999)

If you're going to make a comment bot, at least give it proper grammer. What has the world come to!

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