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self-adhesive satisfaction

<< Jan 6, 2005 @ 01:03 >>

Well, MPR still sucks. It's an internship in the coffee-getting sense of the word. More transcibing today, plus envelope stuffing. I'm sorry, where was the WEB portion of this?

I was two hours late, because somehow I didn't set the two alarms I was sure that I had set, so that helped my day start off great. Due to the fact MPR barely gets anything done by their deadlines I was there late tonight, which was also great. I was kind of deflated when I got home, and I almost considered eating and sleeping instead of hanging out with Christy. However, I'm very glad I chose to see The Life Aquatic again with her instead of sitting here alone. It was every bit as good the second time, and I'd actually see it a third time. I've got issues. Christy's laugh gives me Deja Vu -- it reminds me of some phantom person who I used to find very entertaining and who probably never existed. That's how Deja Vu works. Anyway, I liked the laugh so much that it cheered me up and probably made me subconsciously work to make her laugh more, so the eveninng was definitely enjoyable.

It turns out she reads this blog - as she so confessed - thusly no dirt for you. I guess she's one of the 20 or so IPs who haven't registered a user.

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January 6, 2005 @ 10:04:35

marilyn.pngsith33 (#999)

Ohh, sheee must be the one you were telling me about. Sweet.

January 6, 2005 @ 16:56:16

broccoli.pngnot Christy (guest)

Hmm.. And what did you tell sith33, eh, Zach? Also, don't you hate having to write about meeting someone, knowing that someone will read it later? Finally, I had a good time, too.

January 6, 2005 @ 18:30:40

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

You could have NOT read it. heh

January 6, 2005 @ 22:44:15

broccoli.pngnot Christy (guest)

Sha, like THAT was going to happen.

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