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alcoholic analogy

<< Jan 15, 2007 @ 21:59 >>

Peter Dench sums up in photos why if you ever want to be a true professional drinker, you have to live and train in England. Living in England is to Drinking as living in China is to Kung Fu, and Jagermeister is your cruel teacher Pei Mei.

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January 15, 2007 @ 23:03:35

foucault.pngwhitewaffle (#1050)

Too bad THAT analogy won't be on an SAT.

January 16, 2007 @ 15:26:15

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

I am going to London, and I'm not coming back until I am mildly retarded from alcohol induced brain damage.

Too late.

January 16, 2007 @ 15:41:23

coleco.pngxopl (#001)


January 16, 2007 @ 19:56:13

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

I can still count to blue.

January 18, 2007 @ 00:43:10

foucault.pngwhitewaffle (#1050)

I think you should make one of your icons a picture of Michel Foucault.

January 18, 2007 @ 11:04:04

foucault.pngwhitewaffle (#1050)

OMGZ! My icon is Michel Foucault!!!

Bestest boyfriend EVAR!

January 18, 2007 @ 11:47:12

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

A special icon that nobody else can select, even!

January 19, 2007 @ 02:37:39

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

I want Elllllliot Smith suicide icon now, thank uoul.

So drunk employheee so drunk ruinh life kill me now die die die Jesse.

popst more shit now, please, for the love of god, post.. Post.; I nbeg you. post

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