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wave of the future

<< Nov 22, 2005 @ 14:50 >>

A bunny with a pancake on it's head.AJAX is old hat.

FLAPJAX is the new hat!

FLash Asynchronous PHP Javascript And XML

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November 22, 2005 @ 15:25:37

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

And we were all proud that we came up with that name for it............ (...)

November 23, 2005 @ 01:37:52

broccoli.pngnot mallory (guest)

I have no idea what this post is in regards to, but I want that bunny.

November 23, 2005 @ 14:24:56

cowgirl.pngHUGHgRECTION (#1018)

Me too.....Meeeee toooo

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