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<< Jul 21, 2005 @ 21:13 >>

I got my apartment today. I'm going to be like one block from Little T's on Eat Street, 2-3 blocks from the MIA and the adjacent park, 2-3 blocks from Franklin, 7-8 blocks from Mike and [regretably] Ian, and 7-8 blocks from the Electric Fetus. Uptown isn't far away either.

Unfortunately, it will be a longer drive for the sith to come visit me. But seeing as I owe him one meal after our after-work at the Loring Pasta Bar today, I imagine it won't impact things too much.

Also unfortunate is the fact I can't run from out my door down to the river like I can here, or see the fireworks from out my window without leaving bed. Then again, my new place probably won't lose power and water pressure almost daily. My new place probably won't be missing screens, and where it does have screens it probably won't have big holes chewed by rodents that come into the place willy nilly.

Oh, and my new place has A/C and a dishwasher. No more washing my own dishes... no more washing everybody else's dishes. And, I get to move out of here and into my new place August 1, for free. Into my new air conditioned place.


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July 21, 2005 @ 22:11:58

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

Did you know that a cube 14.2 inches to a side of solid gold weights 2,000 pounds?

This would be the second show dedicated to metal I've seen on the History Channel today. During lunch they were teaching me about Aluminium. I also learned there is a frogger coin-op in the basement at work.

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