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white out on the paper highway

<< Jan 21, 2005 @ 18:50 >>

I sat in on an interview today. Well, I was in the engineering room. I am under legal obligation to not tell you what it was about. I spotted the Wheats in the break room up on 4. They had a live band in to record, and it is a Friday. Wheats said it was "just like old times." Somebody was wondering what happened to indoor footie (soccer) on the K mailing list... DUH, the Brit left.

Driving home was kinda fun. It took like two hours. I wish I had my camera, and I wish my camera's batteries weren't dead, cause I could have taken cool snowy photos. We're getting pounded with snow. It was total gridlock (atisco atasco I'm stuck en el tráfico) in St. Paul. That was irritating. But once I got on 94 it was great. It was very quiet, and traffic was ambling along at about 15 miles per hour. I got to hear All Things Considered through to completion. I kinda liked being there alone in my own little snowy world.

I gotta go back out in this to work at Cub. And there is a Snow Emergency, so that complicates everything.

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