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first blood!

<< Nov 29, 2004 @ 04:42 >>

Whilst changing the razor blade in my box cutter at work, I managed to jab the brand new blade into my thumb. On a scale from 1 to ouch, it was a zero. Literally, no pain-- this is a brand new razor sharp blade we're talking about. But lots of bleeding... again, razor sharp. I applied direct pressure and walked over to the manager, and the same co-worker who had given me the new blade walked me to the bandaids and helped me put one on, extra tight. Maybe he felt guilty. I've changed blades like a dozen times now, it was just a simple slip. Funny thing is that the cut was an afterthought on my part. After slipping it suddenly occured to me that the razor sharp object which had bumped my thumb probably did some damage. I was right. Oh well, no stitches needed. My blade is no longer virgin, it has tasted blood. Surely there is some sacred ceremony I should be performing as a hold-over from the days of knights. I'm sure they did something for their sword after its first battle.

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