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<< Jan 26, 2007 @ 22:19 >>

So the other day I just had the TV on in the background as per usual. I was on one of my typical channels... like TLC or Discovery or the like. I'm pretty sure there was something on in like 15 minutes that I wanted to watch, so I just put it on that channel early. Anyway... I'm getting way tangential here.

Sesame Street two-headed monster

The point is, on the television was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.


There, on my TV, was a real, living, breathing, two-headed girl. I shit you not. We're talking full-on two-headed monster here.

Ok. It is possible it was two girls sharing the same body.


I was too busy screaming and freaking out to know for sure.

Anyway... I didn't really think any of you would believe me, so I used this thing called the "internets" to "google" some photos. It was quite easy really. I just typed in their names. Abby and Britanny.

All sorts of great photos turned up. Some of them not the girls I was looking for, but interesting nonetheless. (What's the thing most wrong with that picture.)

Anyway, I wouldn't lie to you. Check this out:

Abby and Brit

Abby and Brit ride a bike

And here they are as a little girl:

Abby and Brit little

I'm really going to hell for referring to them in mixed singular-plural. They're going to google themselves. And I'm going straight to hell.

Did I mention they live in Minnesota?

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January 26, 2007 @ 23:18:14

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