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<< Dec 15, 2006 @ 17:13 >>

I took a little journey through stuffonmycat.com, and I thought I might share my vacation photo slide show with you. Slide.

surprised kitten looking at PC monitor

I think I like this website mostly because of the humiliation and mistreatment of cats. Next please.

cat covered in packing peanuts

See what I mean? Next slide.

cat covered in bandaids

Hah! Somebody covered that cat in bandaids! I bet that cat is unhappy! Hah hah hah! Oh boy. Slide.

comparing a real cat to Dragon from The Secret of Nimh

I thought this cat looked just like Dragon from The Secret of Nimh. Still, I think Jesse's submission was my favourite.

That concludes my vacation slides. Lights please.

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December 15, 2006 @ 22:27:31

chimp.pngpaularms (#1017)

I caught Sir Jacob watching porn once. He's into the hard stuff.

August 14, 2010 @ 23:00:24

broccoli.pngnot flo (guest)

im sorry but the bandaid cat is just mean!
is really natsy that somebody would stick aload of plasters to a cat! i wonder how that poor cat felt when it had all of them ripped of!

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