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but you can call me cap'n

<< Jun 27, 2006 @ 09:02 >>

My pirate name is:

Black Jack Rackham

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from fidius.org.

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June 27, 2006 @ 11:21:49

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

More like White Zach Rackham...

ouch, I hurt my feelings.

June 28, 2006 @ 01:20:54

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

I was promised a redesign. Where the fuck is your magical fucking redesign, Capote?

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