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final dragon fantasy quest

<< Dec 1, 2005 @ 20:01 >>

Dragon Quest VIII screen shotHoly crap! I just saw a commercial for Dragon Quest VIII, which would be the latest installment of the once Dragon Warrior series that first appeared in the U.S. on the 8-bit Nintendo. It's got amazing cell-shaded cartoony 3D anime graphics. Check out this gallery. Wow, they even still have golems as enemies. They had those in Dragon Warrior I (US), and they even looked roughly the same! So cool. I wish I had a PS2 so I could play it! I'm starting to feel a little weird about how long it has been since I played a new video game. You also get a demo of Final Fantasy XII on the disk because the RPG empires of ENIX and Square merged. Times certainly are a-changing. Incidentally, the boys at Penny Arcade think that FF XII is the worst game ever.

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