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making a button display

<< Sep 24, 2005 @ 19:07 >>

I have quite a few buttons. Mostly buttons from going to concerts. Some of them I got at Camden in London, so those technically are badges, as they say over there. I decided I wanted to put them on the wall, but since I put buttons on my laptop bag or on jackets often (where many of them not in the picture still remain) I wanted to be able to rotate the buttons through this thing. That meant it wasn't really going to be a permanent display case. So, I hatched an ingenius plan. I went to the craft store, where I'm quickly becoming a regular, and picked up some supplies:


  • a picture frame
  • felt
  • cross stitch fabric
  • You will also need cardboard, scissors, a glue stick, and a razor.


Cut out cardboardFirst, take the glass (or if there is no glass, the backing) out of your frame and cut out a piece of cardboard of equal size using your razor.

Cut out feltNext, cut the felt down to the same size as your glass/backing/cardboard. You're done with the glass now, put it under your bed.

Glue down fabricFinally, lay out your cross stitch fabric. Place your trimmed felt on top of the fabric and your cardboard on top of the felt. Your assembly is laying face-down. Trim your fabric as needed and glue it down to the cardboard with gluestick. Don't glue the felt to the cardboard because then the button needles won't be able to easily catch the felt.

Finished Product

Tah Dah!Put your assembly into your frame and secure it with the frame's backing. You're all done. Now, just flip it over and stick your buttons into the fabric and felt. The cross-stitch fabric has a fairly low thread count so there's plenty of room for the needles to pass through. Hang it on the wall. Admire.

Interesting fact: I deposited $377.37 at the bank today, and this is blog post #377. Not quite 74, but still strange.

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September 27, 2005 @ 18:59:07

jem.pngpamelaNeko (#1001)

I AM admiring! I am going to steal this idea. I love my pin collection, and I'd love to showcase it like this. Awesome, Zach!

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