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playing ketchup

<< Sep 19, 2005 @ 12:16 >>

I just ran into Danni downstairs. Apparently she had noticed the guy two people ahead of me in line, and came in to talk to him (one of her many interests I gather), and then saw me and said hi to me too... and let me tell you... I thought I turned red until I saw Danni's impression of a lobster just then! Holy lobster!

I could update you about shopping adventures this weekend. I could tell you about my new bookcase. I could tell you about my 30" x 40" canvas. I could tell you about flirting with customers and acting like I know what "gesso'ed" means (now I do). I could tell you about Amanda, the cute and helpful screen printing afficianado at Blick. But these stories might bore you, so maybe not.

Shit, I just remembered that Danni reads my blog. Uhhhh, hi Danni. I'm gonna get your number from Emily.

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