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<< Sep 15, 2005 @ 20:10 >>

Yesterday the plan was to go to the free Grain Belt Premium commercial contest thing at the Oak Street for free beer. I picked up Mike and there was a change of plans because his older brother invited us to where he works to play free poker for money. I lost $2000 fake dollars, but Mike lost all his before me. So there. I think I love the girl in the cop outfit.

We did end up having time to catch the 9:30 showing of the commercials. I thought the food was gonna be free, too; but it wasn't, so I ended up paying $5 for a brat and a hotdog. At least I had free beer with which to wash it all down. Some of the commercials were pretty funny, with the barbie doll smut being the best. I totally got a million ideas for amazing commercials that wouldn't be beyond my means to produce. It makes me wonder why I haven't been entering every year, especially when every single entry gets played on the big screen. Sith: we're using your skillz (girls like guys that have skills) next year to make hilarious commercials.

Right at the end of the day at work today I discovered Spaghetti Western (now known as the Spaghetti Western String Co.) was doing a free show at the Mill City Museum at 6:00. I wish that Hasha had answered her phone, because it would have been perfect for a first date. We could have gone to Pracna for a quick drink before the show, just to loosen up a bit. (The sith, who met up with me instead of Hasha, insisted on going home first so I had a beer at Pracna alone – though, I did get to read all about this year's Sound Unseen festival of which the Grain Belt thing was kind of the kickoff. I'm really excited about this year's programming.) Anyway.. where was I. Oh yes, it would have been perfect for a first date. After the Pracna ice breaker, there could have been a nice walk across the Stone Arch bridge. Then, the music at the Museum was just the right volume for enjoying while also talking over, so we could have had a conversation. After all, first dates are interviews. There was also food and beer at Mill City, so we could have continued to indulge. Plus, Spaghetti Western plays beautiful worldly influenced string music... so there's that. After they were done the sun would have been setting, and we could have strolled back across the rather romantic Stone Arch Bridge. Then, of course, Thursday means the MIA, which is also free, is open until 9pm. I have to think it's not a good sign that such an ideal opportunity was lost. Ehhhhh... it can't really work: she's Sri Lankan which means I'm already in love.

Sith was unwilling to just sit there and enjoy the fantastic string music. That kind of made me lonely. Way to not be a date replacement. I did trespass into the ruins parkway. That was fun. And I did learn that Mississippi river barges have a bridge that's height is hydraulically controlled. That was fun.

I've come to realise that I'd either like to be able to relax, kick back, and hang with somebody that is just pleasant to be around. OR, if I can't do that, or if I'm not doing that, I would like to not be relaxed at all and be hanging out with people who are very creative, very active, very productive. In an environment with a lot of energy and spontaneity where I could execute some of my plans. Or have the encouragement to execute some of my plans.

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