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pirate sand aaaaaarrrrrrrt

<< May 9, 2005 @ 14:48 >>

Some very cool sandcastles via bOINGbOING. It wasn't immediately apparent from the blog entries or comments where the photos are from, but I'm pretty sure it is the Oregon coast line... I want to say the town of Seaside. Every spring there is a 'sandcastle' competition on that beach, and I had the fortune of seeing the sculptures in person last year with Libbey. It is pretty amazing to see what they can pull off, such as self-supporting arches and whatnot.

My personal favourite has to be the skeletons and chest. It seems so obvious, yet I've never seen it done. Just imagine coming across that sculpture: unlike a dragon or a castle, it wouldn't be immediately obvious to your senses that it was art. I think that is the real appeal of it. Watching the tide wash it away would give the eerie sensation of the pirate ghosts returning to sea. Well, for me anyway, but I'm a huge nerd.

This is my other favourite.

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