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pecuniary parking

<< Mar 25, 2005 @ 16:25 >>

It's really nice out so I went on a walk to get some coffee. On the way I spotted a little parked SUV getting a ticket from a traffic cop in an even littler SUV (who in turn was getting a ticket from an even littler cop in a yet even smaller SUV). The sign said, "No Parking M - F." As I walked by the cop, who had his window rolled down, I said, "Hey, that sign says no parking Monday through Friday. It doesn't say anything about Saturday." He looks at me. "Today is Friday."

"Oh, is it? I'm glad that's not my car then."

Man, this whole random sleep schedule thing is wearing on me.

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March 28, 2005 @ 15:47:35

coleco.pngxopl (#001)

I wonder if 74's head hurts as much as mine right now? I don't know that we've ever not finished a game of Chess before...

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