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<< Jan 26, 2005 @ 17:31 >>

I was pissed because the "final" transcripts they made me mark up weren't actually final, so I had to listen to the hour long audio to correct the discrepancies. I mentioned this to the new intern (I think I said, "The radio jerks who did this didn't fix the transcript") and she was like "I didn't do it!!" like all scared and defensive about it. Oh how I love incredibly insecure girls who think all negativity is directed at them. Most people would have just ran with my "radio jerks" joke. I suppose if I stub my toe I can't scream FUCK or anything. What if she starts crying?

Oh oh oh I also wanted to mention that my boss doesn't always write valid HTML, nor does he use accessibility features like relative text sizes. (I have my reasons for not using them on my site, mostly lazy reasons.)

I never want to see HTML like this from my boss ever again:



Where's the closing p tag? And you can't put an hr tag in a p tag anyway. He doesn't use XHTML either.

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January 26, 2005 @ 21:49:53

marilyn.pngsith33 (#999)

HTML snob.

IS this girl attractive? You already have enough aggressive hoes, but maybe you should add an insecure girl to your pocket-full of ladies...

January 27, 2005 @ 18:31:16

cmonster.pngChristy (monster)

Sigh... You're going to be so disappointed in me, Zach. I never ever ever use the closing p tag.

And, look, sith33 lives! Also: who you calling aggressive??? You ain't seen nothin'!

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