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<< Jan 15, 2005 @ 06:51 >>

Given the recent discovery of a galactic inhabitable zone in our Milky Way, and the fact that our star is about a billion years younger than the average star in this zone, and the fact that they find so many extrasolar planets these days that it isn't even a big deal anymore, I'd say it is almost certain that aliens really did visit ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Aztecs. I think it is also a distinct possibility that this planet was contaminated by alien life to begin with. I don't think that aliens planned every species out. I think it was either accidental contamination, or they planted the seed and left it alone to see where evolution would take it. They probably would have had the foresight to know that they couldn't manipulate the evolutionary process-- they'd fail. They wouldn't be able to create a rich, stable ecosystem of their own design. Only time and selection can do that. I still stand by my assessment of biology as a technology that looks designed. They probably hacked this shit out themselves. Hell if I know what they are made of or how they work or where they came from.

Given the math of billions, it is really stupid to think we're alone in the universe. It is also kind of stupid to think we're alone in our galaxy. If a civilization has a billion year head start on us, I'm sure they can do just about anything they want. I mean, think about it. Earth is a few billion years old, and it has a few billion years left before the sun grows large enough to destroy it. We've only just figured out anything resembling cool science, and the 60 years of computer progress (which is amazing when you look at it) is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to another billion years of civilization. If we live through war, weather, asteroids, and so on -- and the human race as we know it is only thousands of years old -- you can't possibly fathom society after a billion more years of progress, hell even another thousand years. Chances are there are aliens out there. That has always been the case. Now chances are that they have a HUGE head start, too.

They've been here. They're probably here right now. It isn't science fiction, it is science.

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