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Aug 11, 2006 @ 21:47:43

Re: what a fucking crock (updated)

you have to have some type of special check for flight attendants or the person for any emergency medicine requirements though.

I think it would make the fliht portion easier but you would need to have change rooms available for each flight for those changing at the airport.

Aug 11, 2006 @ 21:40:05

Re: what a fucking crock (updated)

cargo itself needs to be inspected item by item, and should be packaged on site. This makes people on bring "essential" items on trips. Hi cost items such as camcorder, laptops etc.. would be given a special safe transfer i.e. the items checked and put in a safe area for them.

Onboard computers and a "datastorage system" connected to air port computer networks would also individuals to have a temporary or long term secure computer acount to remove the need for bringing accessories. These cheep computers would only minorly add to the cost of the aircraft since they are expensive.. and would give people a choice of music or media.. as stored on the aircrafts computer server.

The seperation of flights is the only concern.. however hopefully this would see less people bring stuff with them. Encourage local spending.

A secure and repsonsible system for handling cargo would be required for handling cargo. This would free more room for passengers.. and extra cargo space on the accompanying plane could be used for other cargo air mail etc..

Aug 11, 2006 @ 21:16:48

Re: what a fucking crock (updated)

Offering throw away flight suits that have to be changed into after the first security check point.

Baggage flying on a cargo.
No carry ons i.e. all onboard flights catoring to ever food diet/preference and refreshement for long flights. (they keep the throw aways after the flight or they can be recycled) one size fits all (included in the airline price (like 50cents or a dollar for a flight mumu)

The collection ofthe materials should be done without damaging the original containers.. but individuaols should be able to freely discard their :garbage: security itself when taking any item should take each item as an "exhibit" and check the items for storage for potential return, if the person returning. i.e. a classification system, this data can be entered into a database.

Otherwise scanning etc.. should detect any abnormalities.

Although I think it is bs, what is the big deal with a bunch of people dieing? Theres millions more where that came from, when it is time to go.. it is time to go. Either we are eternally living or life itself is redundant as we do not exist.

I don't like the concept of someone else controling my life, that is oppression. I'd gladly die for liberty.