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semantic sombitch

<< Feb 13, 2008 @ 22:02 >>

So I was thinking about the abso-fucking-lutely disgusting Orwellian semantic parsing of chinese water torture as not that but an "enhanced interrogation technique." (I can't even type it without my blood boiling.)

So if we can sell torturing people to the public by calling it "enhanced interrogation techniques" instead, what else could we do with this fun word game?

Well... you could maybe rob a bank and tell the judge it was just an "enhanced withdrawal technique."

But that isn't quite spiteful enough against President Shitforbrains.

Here's one for you: how about the House passes a resolution and set of charges, that is then passed on to the Senate for a vote and verdict, for the purposes of removing Bush from office.

What's that Nancy Pelosi? Impeachment is off the table? No, No... I'm talking about an "enhanced oversight technique." Totally fucking different.

Oh... and did you know that evidence obtained through water torture probably hasn't been used in a trial since the Spanish Inquisition? Go us!

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