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nasal newts and tonsil toads

<< Jan 30, 2008 @ 17:06 >>

Those of you not from the cold, romantic North might not be aware of the -40° wind chill blowing through Minnesota today. Fahrenheit or Celsius you ask?


The air was even colder overnight, and the wind blowier. So I'm guessing that is when it slid, slithered, and slunked out from its snotty hole and decided to winter inside of my skull. Specifically, somewhere in the warm, moist, already slimy region betwixt my sinuses and the back of my throat.

I can feel its horrible mucus-producing-pore covered back curled and pressed firmly up against some space in my head oddly out of reach of my tongue -- yet having the presence of being just there -- and beyond correcting with a snort, blow, or swallow.

When I close my eyes I see nature programming. Frog burrows. Ridged, rubbery, green backs in mud caverns, with a layer of ice above. They can freeze solid in there, did you know that?

But with the average temperature in my head being well above freezing (most days), it would seem the unwelcome amphibian is having a hard time falling asleep. Will it leave? Or will its restless limbs continue to maintain a constant upwards pressure?

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