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i told you so, bitches

<< Mar 10, 2006 @ 10:36 >>

The ongoing theme of me being A) always right and 2. a visionary whose ideas are always i. ahead of the times and b. genius because somebody else eventually realises it and does it ... continues. Run on sentence.

I wrote a letter to Apple telling them they dropped the ball by not doing video game podcasting on their new iPod Video.

Since then there have been several developments. Most importantly the continuing development of Linux for the iPod which has allowed for iPod Doom and an iPod MAME arcade cabinet.

See, if you have MAME and Doom, your favourite level designers for pacmac or zelda or doom or whatever could push new levels down to your iPod every day for you to play. Or entire games. It is brilliant.

And, the rumor is, Apple caught on and is making an iGame.

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