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i love you internets

<< Mar 7, 2006 @ 11:30 >>

So I wanted to hear some William Shatner on the Radio K, but the DJ told me:

just played yesterday, sorry. something else?

Of course, I responded as anyone would. I told the DJ that the Shatner cannot be detained by these mortal music rules and their finite limitations. The Shatner is the Alpha and the Omega!

So, what's a Xopl to do? He's gotta hear his Shatner. I went onto the internets, trying to figure out how I could hear it for free. I found this Radio.Blog.Club website, typed in William Shatner ... low and behold, there it was! Common People! Listening right now.

I <3 you, Internets.

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March 8, 2006 @ 14:34:12

broccoli.pngnot TKwong (guest)

Even Shatner is bound by the mighty chains of DJ Pro rules.

It's a very long story, but let's just say ol' Paunchy can't leap over bolders like he used to.


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