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<< Feb 21, 2006 @ 15:46 >>

I live in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District. Martin Sabo is my Congressman. You can check on house.gov if he is your Congressman by typing in your zip code. If he is, and really even if he isn't, I would invite you to ask him why his name is on a proposal to repeal the 22nd Amendment (term limits for Presidents).

Congressman Sabo is a Democrat. His website seems to claim he is anti-Iraq-war. Something doesn't compute.

I've written Mr. Sabo this Fall expressing my contempt for our failed Federal leadership. I stated that the Congress elected in 2006 should, in my belief, impeach Bush for a number of reasons. He's never written me back. Not even a form letter.

His constituents can also fill out his 2006 Questionnaire.

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February 22, 2006 @ 07:51:06

broccoli.pngnot TKwong (guest)

I'm hoping it's a typo. Fucking dead babies, that's stupid.


February 22, 2006 @ 16:43:40

broccoli.pngnot TKwong (guest)

Aside: the last thing happened in April '05 when it was reffered to committee.


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