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swedish santa

<< Dec 18, 2005 @ 22:12 >>

Turns out Ikea is an excellent place to go Christmas shopping last minute. They have tons of cool cheap stuff. They've even got great toys like stuffed animals and wooden magnetic train sets. I love those! I also was admiring the trains at the Lego store in the big mall. I used to have a Lego train set. When I have kids, I'm going to buy them every single Lego train set so I can play with them on the Ultimate Track Setup. My parents were cheap asses. So what if it's like $100 per Lego train item?! In fact, I kind of just want to buy them and play with them now. That sounds super fun. The mall was incredibly insane. Well, okay, actually it wasn't that bad. I got great parking and the lines were short. It still stressed me out to be there. Ikea was much more pleasant. I got a rug to put my wet, salty winter shoes on. I got gifts for my sister and her kids. Most importantly, I bought myself a stuffed rat because it is extra special soft and fuzzy. I named him Rat-faced Killa. He's watching TV right now. We're going to be best buddies. Isn't that right Rat-faced Killa? He nodded in agreement.

I got my ribbons and bows and wrapping papers purchased at Ikea as well. I think I'm going to cut out custom snowflakes from one type of paper, and paste them to the boxes I wrap with the other type of paper so the gifts look extra special amazing.

I also went to the Ikea of clothing, H&M. It's a favourite store of mine, but we've only just finally gotten one here. They had some most excellent pants with which I partook. I stopped at a few other stores, too. I think I bought more clothes for myself than I did Christmas presents for other people.

Well, I think Rat-faced Killa is getting lonely. I better go join him.

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