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fortunate cnn.com headline zen

<< Dec 1, 2005 @ 17:37 >>

headline that says something about pulling outGeorge's stupid face

No Iraq pullout without victory... that lends itself to an Onion style news story:

"Bush refuses to pull out of Iraq, gets her pregnant."

Of course then the Republicans would spin it:

"Pulling out doesn't work. She was gonna get pregnant anyway."

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December 1, 2005 @ 21:30:42

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

"Bush pulls out of Iraq, sprays all over face."

December 1, 2005 @ 21:36:15

bettie.pngjmullan (#1015)

gah! Oh! whew. did that get in your eyes? I'll get some wet wipes...

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