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unary tract infection

<< Mar 12, 2005 @ 14:17 >>

I've mentioned Luke Chueh before. He's taken his genius into the third dimension, and we-make-money-not-art has got it covered.

we-make-money-not-art also has a post about film colorisation technology that makes me all warm inside. You can colour an entire scene by scribbling onto one frame with a digital airbrush. Seriously, it is the future, where the hell is the rest of the cool technology like that?!

The problem is that most computer scientists are idiots. They could be idiots for any number of reasons, but most of those people don't even break the threshold of worthiness for discussion. Here I'm addressing that special kind of idiot computer scientist who thinks O.O.P. is always best, who thinks that computers are always getting faster and memory is always getting cheaper so nobody needs efficient code, who doesn't understand the first thing about algorithms, but knows enough syntax to get a job somewhere continuing the trend of product stagnation.

Way to go average computer scientist guy: Let's keep doing things the hard way!

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