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tales of tikis

<< Feb 7, 2005 @ 16:42 >>

I totally had this game when I was a kid. (via fark)

I'd rarely ever play it by the rules. The actual gameplay wasn't all that great. The commericals made it look so pimp, though. I just made up a happy-imaginary-fun-land and played with it like it was some sort of playset rather than a game with rules. Making the guys fall off the bridges and wash out to sea was good times. Launching the marble 'fireballs' was pretty good fun as well. I'd always shoot them out of the black Tiki head with such force they'd ricochet off the plastic rather than roll down as expected. It was equally enjoyable just to send the fireballs down a non-scheduled path.

I think I would even take a cup of water and pour it the river channels.

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