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seige at the retirement castle

<< Jan 28, 2005 @ 01:16 >>

This girl who looked about my age whips around the corner really fast with her grocery cart and begins to fill up jugs of drinking water. I happened to be stocking the shelves with bottled water at the time, and as I walked over in her direction to put up some more bottles, she started talking to me.

"You aren't going to write me a ticket are you?"

"No, I'll let it slide just this once, but next time we'll have to see some tears if you want out of the fine," I replied.


"You know, put on a show."

"Ha. Yeah. Hey, I used to have shoes just like those back in '77!"

"Yeah, they're classic!"


"They are classic."

"Oh. Yeah. Were you even born yet in '77?"

"Not so much."


"Not so much," I repeated.

"'Not so much?' What does that mean?"

"Not so much. More like 1982."

"Ha. Oh God. You just ruined my night."

She sure said 'What?' a lot. I guess your hearing starts to go when you get old.

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