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3:49am - nothing happened

<< Dec 20, 2004 @ 04:39 >>

Exchanging stories with Earl tonight made facing until 4am go by a lot faster. Around 10:30 like half the store's employees were on break. There was much bitching about The Man and wages and whatnot. I kinda enjoyed that Union-y feeling. Good old blue collar moment.

I talked to Pablo-- the guy who zamboni's the floors at night. He's worked six days a week for the last 7 years now. Fuck. I think I'll start practicing my spanish with him.

You see this is why I should be the one to win the lottery. I wouldn't blow it all on coke and whores like all the other winners. I'd put the money straight into my corporation and hire a whole bunch of people. Pablo could have a nice job with 3 days off a week.

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