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radio redux

<< Dec 16, 2004 @ 17:32 >>

The day was spent finishing formatting those speeches. Nate wasn't in today, so it was the other intern Melody I sat next to and chit chatted with. She has a bachelor's in biology and a master's in ecology. Me smrt too Melody. Guhfaw.

I talked with HR assistant Tanya today about parking. Luckily, rather than paying $5 - $14 a day, I get free parking now. She emailed me cause she didn't have my extension, and I emailed her back pretending to be a wild west cowboy using "howdy", "tarnation", "durn tootin'", "grub", "giddyan' up", "shor'", etc. Random office entertainment. HR is up on nineteen in some high rise or another in downtown St. Paul... it's the one across the street from MPR that isn't Wells Fargo. The something something building. Before lunch I headed on up to get my magic parking card from Tanya. She led me to the windows on the back side of the floor to point out the parking garage. What a view!

MPR definitely likes to hire internally. Now one of those puzzles from grade school for you: THEDmyfootOOR

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