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<< Sep 14, 2004 @ 00:00 >>

So two days ago, I'm cleaning up the kitchen in our new apartment because certain roommates leave their boxes of food and shit all over the place. A certain one of two previously mentioned roommates had taken down all this modular shelving crap so all the bent, broken metal pieces were protruding from the garbage. I happened to walk by and jab my leg with said metal peices. Now, that wasn't so bad... a little blood, a little Neosporin, and we are all good. However, minutes after this whilst walking from one pantry to the other in the kitchen I felt a very acute pain in the heel of my blackened, dirty bare foot. I looked down and saw something white which I interpretted as being some jagged piece of plastic with a light grip on the bottom of my foot. I tried with my other foot to brush it off, soon realizing to my discomfort that this was not the case. I then proceeded to pull a rather big tack from deep in my heel, a sensation which still makes me cringe, and curse profusely. Today however, it is my arm which aches thanks to the lovely tetanus shot I got at Urgent Care the evening of the aforementioned incidents.

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